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The Toasters History

The Toasters "NYC SKA" Est. 1981

  • 1981 "The Toasters" (as "Not Bob Marley") form with Forbidden Planet co-workers. First gig is at A7 Club on Lower East Side with Bad Brains. Buck sees The Beat play at NYC's Roseland to a practically empty house.
  • 1982 The Toasters first gig at CBGB's - made $22.
  • 1983 Release of The Toasters' first single, "Beat Up."
  • 1985 Moon Records releases The Toasters' "Recriminations" EP, produced by Joe Jackson. First nationally distributed US ska record, through Important/Relativity Records.
  • 1986 Moon releases "NY Beat: Hit and Run" - first 3rd wave ska compilation, featuring The Toasters amoung many other Tri-State bands at the time.
  • 1987 "Skaboom" LP is released on Celluloid in US. Also released in UK on Unicorn Records as "Pool Shark." Toasters first national tour ("Toast on the Coast").
  • 1988 "Thrill Me Up" LP released. Toasters embark on first European tour. Celluloid goes broke, Moon Records starts cranking up.
  • 1990 Release "This Gun for Hire" and are first foreign ska band to play behind Iron Curtain (Russia).
  • 1991 Miller Beer endorses The Toasters - they play 232 shows is one year.
  • 1992 Moon releases "New York Fever."
  • 1993 "Skavoovee" package tour with Special Beat, Toasters, Skatalites and Selecter. Pollstar Top 50 tour for '93.
  • 1995 "Dub 56" - which was first Moon release to sell 30,000+ copies in USA.
  • 1996 The Moon Ska Stompers (Toasters side project) pens theme tune for Nickelodeon's "Kablam."
  • The Toasters play show #2,000 in Atlanta, GA.
  • 1997 "Hard Band for Dead" sells 60,000 + worldwide. Buck writes Coca-Cola jingle for national radio ad. Toasters break into MTV with "2Tone Army" music video.
  • 1998 "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down." released. Toasters tour Europe 14th time, are the first foreign ska band to play Brazil. Participate in the "Ska Against Racism" tour.

More to come!